British Flavour & Other Spices

Showcasing my love for British indie rock, with bands from the rest of the world thrown in the mix once in a while. Variety is the spice of life!

The London boys are back with this decidedly different spin on their songwriting.  The heavily processed simple riff breaks just long enough for Steadman to deliver the line, “If anybody wants to know,Our love’s getting old, Lighting the cracks in the road,” bringing human gravitas back to the dance track.  Here’s hoping this record becomes the Kid A this generations deserves.  

Uncertainty by Jagwar Ma.  This beautiful Madchester-tinged song has an equally beautiful video to accompany it.

The Futureheads “Danger of the Water” cut with scenes from the movie “It”.  It’s a perfect fit!

It’s difficult meeting girls. It’s difficult meeting anyone, really. I have never, ever, struck up a relationship with a girl without booze. I’m 17 when it comes to that. I don’t really have a social life at all, and when I do go out I somehow feel there’s a neon sign above me just saying: ‘Socially Inept’. Everyone’s dancing, and loosening up. And I’m thinking, ‘Shit man, a glass has just fallen off the table … someone’s going to slip on the contents and cut their knee.’ I have to do something. And I end up, like at a Billy Childish gig, picking up broken glass like some caretaker, making sure these suave young people don’t cut themselves.

Graham Coxon, May 2004, The Guardian


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I’m constantly embarrassed. I fidget and twist my hair and pull weird faces and stutter. Some days I feel quite confident, then others there’s a microscopic flaw about myself physically, which will make me embarrassed to walk the streets.

—Graham Coxon (via theperksofbeing—inlove)

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